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you hate your pulse
(616): who are you and why are you in my phone as dr. seuss

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you hate your pulse
22 July 2011 @ 09:37 pm
dear evilgrins,

you have nudged me twice. i find this troublesome. you are a bastard coated bastard with bastard filling. oh yeah.

dear thomas harris,

THANK YOU FOR MAKING HANNIBAL/CLARICE A ~REALITY~. may they eat doves surrounded by the hounds of hell forever.

dear various gossip girl writers,

i have loathed your show since the first season and all the horrible storylines now forgiven for the build-up of dan/blair that you have graced my existence with. i have skipped every scene in season four ever and have watched only the dan/blair scenes strung together on youtube. it's not quite a 'i can finally die' ordeal; that realization came with the master saving the doctor's life.

dear sis,


and now, for those who have nudged me rudely, you may realize that i have absolutely nothing to post about.
you hate your pulse
27 June 2011 @ 08:45 pm

ok ok ok

bones. BONES. :|

so first of all, i took a break from stephen king to avoid the destroying of my hopes and dreams via the demise of favorite characters and favorite ships, so i get into bones, right, because my sis has the dvds, right

well i couldn't really get into the first couple of seasons, and then sweets happened. SWEETS SWEETS SWEETS. who, for now, is still alive. WOO.

only my original favorite character is shipped off, and while i'm enjoying sweets, a new character comes into the fray, to steal my heart and my various ideas and reminds me of my rp character sammie a little, so right, heart stealage, and then BAM THEY TAKE THEM AWAY TOO WHY WHY

so i still have sweets. and booth. ...and booth/sweets omnom. I CAN TOTALLY SEE IT AND I CAN ALSO SEE BOOTH/SWEETS/BONES BECAUSE HE LIKES THEM, OH YES. not that i don't enjoy sweets/daisy because wow, cute, he's her ~lancelot etc. but you know.

and now i'm wayyyy too into ghost adventures and i'm beginning to watch their vlogs and stuff and oh right. i'm shipping stuff there too. which is weird, i know, but i can't help it. zak tries to be all cool and smooth and badass and stuff but then he runs fleeing like a girl from a snake and trips over shit and makes stupid remarks and i really like this show and it's kind of spoiled all other ghost shows for me. i've never liked the people doing the investigating this much - how cute is aaron!

and the mighty boosh has also taken up my time and attention, is it wrong to be aroused by the hitcher? even though he's all green and stuff. and at one point has a giant thumb. idk idk. at least i'm not aroused by old gregg, right? right?


right. shipping stuff on zelda again too. i have a n64 emulator on this computer and i'm about half-way through ocarina of time all over again, and it's totally link/zelda all the way, fuck saria and malon, ZELDA DRESSED UP AS A MAN FOR HIM. saria's just a stupid sage. zelda's a crossdressing PRINCESS. deal. with. that.

pirates of the caribbean was good, went to see it with gin. highly erotic movie and i'll probably be shipping weird stuff soon. THE LAST HARRY POTTER MOVIE EVER IS COMING OUT AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THIS PAIN? whatevs. team george. it's the team that lives. booya.
you hate your pulse
03 May 2011 @ 05:00 pm

^ unrelated.
you hate your pulse
10 April 2011 @ 01:16 pm
spittingfish and i are currently living in a box. now, don't get me wrong, the box is cozy. ...at night time when you haven't been inside the box all day.

at least we're living somewhere awesome. oh wait, we're not.

BUT IT'S ALL GOOD BECAUSE WE WILL BE and my family is jealous

but this heat. THIS HEAT. it is OUTRAGEOUS.
you hate your pulse
20 February 2011 @ 03:02 pm
Updating from my new phone. Sup gin sup

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you hate your pulse
12 December 2010 @ 09:24 pm

this is really random. i'm on a friend's tiny ass macbook and thinking about the never-ending debate of cats vs dogs. i kind of think people who dis one species while glorifying the other are... well, loser bastard children. i mean, i didn't like cats at first, because every cat i'd ever came in contact with had been an asshole. when i finally got around to getting a kitten for the first time in ten years, it was an asshole. i was upset when my roommate ran it over, of course, because i came to care for its assholeness, but in the end, that cat didn't give two shits about me what-so-ever. i fed him, took care of him, tried to love on him, but i'm pretty sure he hated me just because.

but i didn't let that change me into an avid cat-hater. when i busted out of rehab in my pjs, the first thing i wanted to do to make myself feel better was get a new cat (don't get drugs, get kittens!). i was living with my brother (still am but that's unimportant), and his cat was an asshole, too. so obviously, i was under the impression that it might actually be true that all cats are dicks. but a very good, cat-loving friend of mine ( spittingfish) would go on about her lovely cats, so i was determined to find a kitten now that i was living somewhere where my roommate wouldn't force me to keep the poor thing outside. and let me tell you, kittens are plentiful in a land where rednecks think hacking off an animal's balls will make said animal 'less of a man' in people's eyes.

i've always been a dog lover, first and foremost. my childhood was filled with puppies and strong bonds with them - unfortunately i had terrible luck, because all of my dogs seemed to die tragically. i can thankfully say my best dogs ever - my great dane, apollo, and my unattractive but sweetheart of a mutt, xander - are now properly taken care of, because i hit my 'beginnings of adulthood' stages with them by my side. we put an expansive, large fence in the backyard where they can play and not face the fate of the dogs from my childhood. ...like being torn apart by three of my cousin's dogs or shot in the face by a couple of hicks.

anyway, like i said, i've always been a dog lover. my mom has always been a cat hater - she says you can't trust them like you can a dog. and yes, it's lovely to have a dog by your side. when you, say, wreck a fourwheeler, and your ankle is painfully sprained and you think it's broken and you can't move, and your dog sits next to you and whimpers as if he knows you're in pain, then runs off to get help - that's one of the most special things in the world to experience first-hand. dogs lead the blind, they help take down criminals, police give them proper funerals with gun-salutes. they alert their owners about fires, about strangers chilling out next to your house because they actually think you might have money in this economy (lol), they protect you when they perceive others to be a threat to you - dogs, when raised correctly, are wonderful.

so maybe cats as a species aren't recognized for being so helpful. but they're street-smart. dogs will love the person who hurts them. their love is, for the most part, completely unconditional. a lot of people don't deserve that. but cats tend to want you to earn their love - they're not just going to love you just 'cause you pour some food in a bowl. besides, they could take their asses outside and catch food themselves, you know.

i'm rambling, but... cats are special in that way. when they love you, most of the time it means you earned it. i can't speak for all cat owners, obviously. some people think all cats are bastards, but cats are simply independent. not every person is going to like you, and the same holds true for cats. if you've been a dog owner all your life, a cat is going to be a different experience for you. i will say that the cats i've known have a tendency to be bitchy, but that's part of their charm. they can be sneaky and deceitful and, in my opinion, that's awesome.

the kitten i picked after rehab was a very lucky choice. he's an egyptian mau, and has a very dog-like personality - but only with me. with everyone else, he's iffy. he rolls over so i'll rub his tummy. he greets me at the door when i get home from work. he's jealous of my computer, and whenever i'm on it, he drives himself crazy trying to get my attention. usually he'll just find a way to climb onto my laptop, lie down on the keyboard, and stare at me, meowing. (even as i type this he's wrestling with me to get access to my desk.)

we play marco-polo when he's escaped outside and i can't find him. if i call his name, he won't say shit, but if i meow, he meows back, and we keep on until i eventually find him hiding out in some tree. and i think that's why he turned out to be such a fantastic cat. when i first brought him home, he was nervous, sketchy, and ignored me. he escaped outside, and in my haste to find him at 3 o'clock in the morning because he hadn't come back yet and it was about to storm, i started meowing randomly, and he responded to me. i found him stuck up a tree in my dog's fenced in area, and it took thirty minutes for me to coax him into trusting me enough to jump from the highest limb and into my arms, just as it started to rain.

and... i don't know. when you've really bonded with a cat, it's hard to describe, at least if you've never managed to bond with a cat before. when i got him out of the tree, we became inseparable - he followed me from room to room for a week straight. these days, if he ever finds himself up a tree because dogs are also bastards, or if he's decided he's going to climb up there then realizes he's afraid he won't get down, no one else can get him to jump from the tree. he won't slide down, won't hop from limb to limb until he's on the lowest one possible. he'll only jump out of a tree for me.

and sure, it hurts when i love on him because he likes to knead his claws in my skin, and sure, he likes to knock over puzzles and christmas trees and runs around the house like a bat out of hell - but... so did my dachshund. and while i've never had a dog i loved as much as that damn wiener bitch, he was cat-like in personality and was also a traitor. most dogs are affection sluts. apollo - despite how big and scary he looks - is afraid of most people he isn't familiar with, but a lot of dogs will happily love on whoever's willing. a lot of cats aren't like that. but clearly i can't speak for all of them - i have a dog-like cat (who chews up my shoes ffs!!) and had a cat-like dog (who was independent, climbed shit like a fucking dare-devil, and got annoyed if i loved on him when he didn't want me to). each individual animal is different, no matter their species, and while stereotypes have to start somewhere, i'm just really tired of people dissing one species over the other because they've had some bad experiences.

dogs can maul and kill people. raise them fucking properly and they won't. (i'm a huge pit bull advocate. i've met a few terrifying pits, but i've also never been bitten by one - i have, however, been bitten by a golden retriever and a basset hound. why? because their owners sucked.)

cats can be huge bitches who don't like you and will bite you if you try to touch them. get over it. that's one cat. maybe it's every cat you've ever met. still, get over it. not every cat is like that, and not every pet you have or come into contact with is going to adore you. that holds just as true for dogs, albeit rarely. cats are creatures who want respect.

this all started because i was thinking about how annoyed i get when people ask 'are you a dog or a cat person?', as if you can pick one, and only one, no matter what, and that it says loads about your personality when you do. some people prefer dogs, others prefer cats - but a lot of people love both.

i don't even know why i'm posting this. just thinking, i guess. either way: i love both species SO MUCH and owe a huge thanks to spittingfish for encouraging me to get a kitten. because of her i was lucky enough to get my kitten, koschei, who made the entire experience of withdrawal and being back in a place ripe with reminders of being a druggie a more pleasant time of my life. sure, those months - especially the ones leading up to christian-cult rehab - are basically a big black cloud to me now, but my cat did help me through it. it was during a time in my life where i felt at my most unlovable, and i honestly thought no one really cared anymore, because people have to reach their breaking point with a person eventually, don't they? but the life of pills and my pill-friends had made me a deeply selfish person, and having something to care for - something that cared for me in return only when i'd earned it - helped save me from a road that would have destroyed me had i chosen to go that route.

it's gotten sappy now, and tl;dr, so i'll sum it up: PUPPIES AND KITTENS ARE GREAT.

eta: since we're having a pic-sharing party of two in the comments, show me your babies? ♥
you hate your pulse
14 November 2010 @ 03:21 pm

aka NEW USERINFO: http://deadsies.livejournal.com/profile

and now i'm off my break and have to finish another double at work.
you hate your pulse
25 October 2010 @ 10:42 am
o hay guys.

i want to slip deeper into nerd-dom and thus i need recs for comic books. cause obviously since i don't have a car yet i need something to spend my money on. i already have the sandman on my list. what would be good to start out with for someone who hasn't read a comic book since she was 13 and found a giant box full of expensive comics in the basement of a house my brother'd just started to rent?
you hate your pulse
22 July 2010 @ 12:14 pm

he is SO BEAUTIFUL. ♥ ♥ ♥

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